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2005 hpx 4 by 4 (Gas)
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I just purchased a 2005 HPX 4 by 4 (Gas) that is not running, so the fun begins to bring this thing back to life so I can use it with a log arch to bring logs to my Bandsaw Mill. It turns over but backfires. Prior owner thinks it’s Ignition Module from all his research and investigation, but it’s been sitting for years (6-7?) so I have to believe the entire fuel system should be drained and cleaned, including the carb.

I’ve rebuilt a 1982 Seca 750 and done a lot of work on the carbs, including setting float levels and syncing carbs (using mercury sticks) and setting the idle mixtures for all carbs using Gunson ColourTune plugs (they have glass tops so you can see the color of the flame, and adjust the idle mixture screws until they are blue), but I’m not sure where to start.

These JD parts are expensive (my dealer has quoted me $420 CDN) for the Ignition Module). I don’t think it’s a good idea to disturb (change) the fuel settings, which will occur if i overhaul the fuel system, but I don’t want to get into changing expensive parts (like the Ignition Module, coils, etc.) either.

Any advice would be appreciated.
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