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My '08 TX no longer runs at normal "top end" speed.

After driving for less than a minute, there is a dramatic power loss and will eventually slow to a stop.
Then, it will idle only. Adding gas pedal causes engine to stumble and die.
I can turn off the key, wait 10-15 seconds and the engine will start and run normally (for a while).

The carb bowl is clean and the float is not sticking.

Starting and driving at "slow" speed seems normal.

Oil is milky (Not overfilled).

Crankcase pressure seems high. So, there is considerable puffing out of the filler neck unless the oil cap is seated well.
There is also puffing out the throttle body at the high end when the engine starts to loose power.

Any good ideas?
Fuel pump?
Head gasket?


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Milky oil is often a sign of a blown head gasket....I'm not certain if you have other issues as well... Good Luck
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