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Arkie here from the Ozark foothills in central AR.

Back in the winter Wife and I decided to get a side-by-side to use on our hunting area in the winter, and at our lake cabin in the summer. Looked at several brands and passed on JD because of my short wife's inability to reach the pedals comfortably (and Kubota's 0% interest). Being a longtime Kubota user they won out.

Unfortunately, the new machine has proven so handy here around home we are both hesitant to leave it for 3-4 months at our cabin. I'd bought and used a 48V golf cart there last summer, but the incline from the marina to the cabin is steep enough the GC was less than ideal so I sold it.

Been looking for something to replace the GC for a month or so, and lo and behold, Fri evening late I ran across one of those deals that almost always happen to someone else,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, a '97 Gator with problems for $500.00!! Committed to buying it sight unseen (was headed to lake, no time for the small shizzle) and went this morning and picked it up. Had to have a battery, two tires with bead leaks (excellent rubber all around), and the BIGGIE,, one of the three arms inside primary clutch broken completely off. Ordered an OE online for $312.00, but had no idea I'd need some sort of specialty puller/bolt/tool to change it till browsing here earlier this evening. I guess all this is leading up to; can I "manufacture" a tool, or must it be bought from the Green Giant?

Also, what does it take to access the video in this thread?


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