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I wanted to introduce myself as I assume I will have more posts in the near future. I recently acquired a 2007 Gator HPX with about 500 hours that was in 4 feet of salt water storm surge from Hurricane Ian on Sanibel Island. This belonged to the Sanibel Fire Department and was put up for bid a couple weeks ago. I actual work for the department as a Firefighter myself so I was familiar with the machine. It was in a protected garage during the storm, but did have approx 4 feet of salt water storm surge steadily rise inside. Since then, it sat outside pending insurance adjustors and finding the time to sell it since it was declared totaled (about 4 months). Sounds bad right? Well.. I must say John Deere makes a hell of a product. I loaded this HPX up, took it home and started to diagnose everything I could. No water in the oil, cylinders and carb. Electrical was pretty much shot as all of the fuses just fell out from corrosion. Relays didn't function. Any 12v positive wire was corroded out of every connector and the starter was shot. So I went to town and started rewiring and fixing anything I could while I waited for a new starter to come in. Flushed oil a few times, changed fuel, oiled the cylinders, new battery, put in a aftermarket fuse box, put in generic relays, cleaned any connection I could, treated any rust (not much honestly at all). I got all of the electrical working in about a days worth of work, and when I received the starter I installed it. What do you know... it fired right up! I was shocked.. Engine ran great and smooth. Even the 4WD was working.

Well the next problem arose when I went to take it for a spin. It wouldn't go into gear. Acted as if it was in Neutral. Well after looking at everything again with the engine running, it was obvious my primary clutch was not engaging the drive belt. Well.. I am picking up a new clutch tomorrow from the dealer and will attempt to install it first thing in the morning. Never done that before, but doesn't seem to be to hard especially since the dealer is letting me borrow the puller tool/bolt.

Is there anything you guys would recommend checking that I may have missed? I'm planning on changing the transmission oil tomorrow as well. I assume after it gets a new clutch, it should be good to go and driving nice.

I must admit that John Deere makes an amazing product and am super stoked that this machine is running with very little work after sitting for so long after a salt water swim.

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