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Hi again - A couple of weeks ago I asked about the John Deere cover, but nobody responded. :( I took a leap of faith and bought it and really like it so far. I will be interested to see how it holds up in wet weather. I'll let you know.

On a side note, when I bought the Gator cover I signed up to receive emails from this online dealer which I was skeptical about. I got an email from them the other day (they claim only 1 per month so we'll see) and they are havign a 15% sale today only online. I just ordered some maintenance parts for my Gator and my lawn tractor and saved $88 on my order. Pretty cool. Anyway I'm going to spoil it for the dealer. You enter the code FALL in the coupon box to get the discount. Now only if they had a referral program for me passing this along. :)

HOpe it works for you too. I wonder if we could get some type of group buy discount from them!?!?
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