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I was plowing two days ago with my 2013 825i and the standard 72 inch straight blade. I noticed for the first time that the center lift point seemed to be almost dragging in the snow. I had been hitting some older snow piles pretty hard to push them back as we have had a lot of snow lately.

When I got it back in the garage, it looks like the life arm is almost touching the ground when the blade is fully down. I have the skid pads elevated with one washer, so the blade is up just a little.

I am concerned that I have bent the lift arm a little. It does have a slight bend from the factory, and I wonder with some of the heavy bashing I was doing if I bent it further down?

Does anyone have this setup and can see if your arm is this close to the ground? Or does anyone know if this is the standard distance from the ground?

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