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Howdy from Texas. I just joined the site today as I'm getting ready to rebuild my 2000 John Deere Gator 4X2.

First, here are some of the parts links that I'm using.

For Gator Parts:

John Deere - Parts Catalog

** In the model Box, type in *4X2, then click find.

I get the following results: 2387 - 4X2, 6X4 Gators, Diesel Gator, Trail Gator, Worksite Gator - 13Aug12 ( FR DE IT ES SV )

Then, you can click on pictures or an alpha guide to all of the parts and part #'s.

This lets me print out most anything I need. And, when I take the printout to my local John Deere dealership, it really saves a lot of time.

Next, seats. Here is what I'm going to order:

A & I Gator Seat —*Yellow, Model# VG11696 | Lawn Tractor Utility Vehicle Seats| Northern Tool + Equipment

These are affordable compared to OEM seats. Since I'm going to spend so much, this is one area I can save a little money.

I have already taken the transmission out of the Gator and replaced a part that was worn. The transmission is back in the gator and I'm now working on the engine. I'm having an issue with the idle on the engine. I need to get it to around 300 rpm. I'm not sure what the book calls for because I don't have a shop manual. The engine is a Kawasaki FE290D438851.

The model number (PIN) of my Gator is: W004X2X050542

I am also going to have to get 2 rear tires:

Turf Tamer Knobby ATV Tires

However, I may get the Stryker's.

Stryker ATV Tires

The rear tires are in 25-12-9

I almost had a heart attack when I found out how much the muffler alone was going to cost me.

Anyway, I plan to share some pictures of the engine and transmission job that I did, along with the dash replacement and some odd and end updates.

Question, does anyone know of an online resource for John Deere shop manuals? I called Kawasaki and they said the engine in my Gator was special made for JD. They don't have any users or owners manuals. They told me to contact JD. The Kawasaki engine Model Number is: FE290D438851.

If anyone has any pictures of this engine, or any schematics for the Govenor & Throttle Linkage I would really appreciate it.

Nice to meet everyone here.

Thanks for any help.


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Does anybody have any do or don'ts in overhauling 2001 gator transmission for 4x2.
Perhaps you want to start a new thread with your request to gain better response versus resurrecting a 6 year old thread with no other replies.

The OP has not returned to this site since posting this message.

John Deere does have the owners manual online (free), but I can't find the link off hand. The Workshop manual is typically a purchased item and JD has it available for electronic download for a fee.

Your going to find JD has most original suppliers lock down with a very restrictive contract that doesn't allow them to provide help, forcing owners to purchase directly from JD at above market prices.

Good luck with your project.
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