I bought a new tinted half windshield by Spike Power Sports through UTV Direct for my new 835M. I set it in, but decided for my purposes I needed one that seals completely at the bottom. You have to peel back the protective coating on the back to put the seal on, and even though I did it was continually in the way and ended up getting pulled off so I could see what I was doing. UTV Direct will not take it back without the protective seal on the back, even though that seal had to come at least partially off to even see how it fit. As you can see via the link it has two neat folding clasps at the top, but at the bottom it just uses the rim on the back side of the hood to keep it secure. It works fine, but the bottom corners don't seal, and I use a second piece on top of my half windshields that I can easily take in and out when it's cold or raining, so I want the bottom corners totally sealed. If I were to keep this I might find I had an use for it in summer, especially since all the drink holders are on the dash, and it does snap in and out quickly, but if someone wants to swing by Longford, KS and bring $150 cash to trade for it I'll let it go. I've got $195 in it with shipping, and it's still in new condition other than having the rear film removed and the seal installed. I pulled all the staples out of the side of the box I removed it from before ever taking it out, then put it inside two HEFTY 30 gal bags and made a cover over it and taped and sealed them together in the middle to keep it protected and put it back in the box. The front side protective film is still in place. I finally gave up on dealing with UTV Direct yesterday and put it out in the container to await the arrival of it's new owner.