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Been doing some oil analysis on my equipment at my golf course. Using Schaeffer 5w-30 701 Supreme oil for gas equipment.
I have 6 Gators here and also my farm one which I ran M1 5w-30 in. Hours range from 1164-2568. All have the Kawasaki FJ400D engine. All gators run perfect with one that has 2427 hours that burns slightly more oil than the others do.
All where changed at approximately 100 hour intervals with exception of the farm one which was done at 50hrs.
All gators came back with a "severe or critical" as "viscosity low probably due to fuel dilution-incomplete combustion". Everything else tested normal including wear levels. I use this oil in all gas equipment and these are the only things that come back with a warning. I understand one bad test but all of them? Plugs and air filters are all good. I believe the minimum viscosity for this oil is 9.3 for normal test.

Couple things I was thinking on these.
  • The hour meter only runs when the pedal is pushed so coasting or going down a hill the engine is still turning. Possibly 100 hours is too long of a change interval?
  • Getting up to temperature. The farm one mostly does not drive for long periods of time getting the engine up to temperature thus possibly not burning the fuel completely?
  • Leaking needle valve or float? I replaced one of the needle valves and float on one the end of last year before the oil test.
  • Carb out of adjustment?
These machines all have been tested once and will continue to monitor.

Any feedback would be appreciated.


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