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I am a Grandma and love my gator for yard work and general chores around the farm. I still do all my mowing, gardening etc and sure need my gator.
It's sick. Started very gradually loosing power and now only idles when the foot feed is pressed to the floor. It's an '01 4X2 with the 10hp Kawi FE290D motor. It does not use oil, smoke, but having a little back pressure out the carb. My friend took the head off and cleaned the valves. So, now what?
It wont accelerate.

I'm happy to find this site; sure hope someone can tell me what to do to make it run again. Live in W. TN and love it. Don't farm much anymore, just keep up the place and piddle, but my gator is my sidekick and I need it. Help!
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