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Just got off the wire. Don't know any details on them, however, I know of three new Gators coming. The XUV 550, XUV 550 S4 (4-seater), and a performance oriented SXS called the RSX. Again, details are unknown right now, but I will post as soon as I know.:)

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O.K. Here are the details on the XUV 550 and XUV 550 S4. It will be available Nov-Dec this year.

The XUV 550 Crossover Series Utility Vehicles are powered by a 570-cm3, V-twin gasoline engine. The carburetor is tuned for rapid throttle response, reliable cold-weather starting, smooth mid-range power delivery and quiet idling.

The engine offers the following performance and reliability features:

  • 16 hp* at 3600 rpm
  • Tuned to deliver 0- to 15-mph acceleration in 3.2 sec.
  • 28-mph (45-km/h) top speed
  • Dynamically tuned carburetor for rapid throttle response upon demand while allowing the engine to burn clean under light loads.
  • V-twin, 90-degree overhead valve design maximizes power and torque and provides longer valve life
  • Designed for cold-weather starting (tested to -20 degree F)
  • Full-pressure lubrication system
  • Spin-on oil filter with drain bracket and oil drain valve enable easy servicing
  • High air-flow air filter
    • Utilizes nano fiber technology to increase the efficiency of the filtration without sacrificing horsepower
  • Laminated and contoured engine blower housing cuts noise levels while reducing oil temperatures 25-30 degrees
  • T6 heat-treated aluminum alloy connecting rods and piston ring package
  • 200 Watt (16 max A) charging system for accessory capability
  • Exhaust system design
    • Dual header pipe to muffler maximizes airflow and provides a unique V-twin sound
    • Spark-arresting muffler is USFS approved
  • Low fuel consumption and large 4.9-U.S. gal. (18.9-L) fuel tank
  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and California Air Resources Board (CARB) compliant
* The engine horsepower information is provided by the engine manufacturer to be used for comparison purposes only. The actual operating horsepower will be less


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