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Good Morning,

I am getting an older gator, about 10 or 12 years old later this week and have been having a helluva time finding info on putting a plow on the front. I live in NJ and we get a few wet snows of up to 2 or 3 feet on occasion, but more typically 6" to 12" is more common.

I saw Gatorguy 6x4 has a model which looks similar enough that I'm thinking whatever plow he has might work for mine when it gets here. Since I'm new to the forum, I couldn't send him a direct message, as I had hoped to do. So if he or anyone who sees this and has put a plow on a 6x4 could answer the following questions, I'd be much appreciated.

Would you be so kind to let me know what plow it is, where it's from, and how much did it cost? Did you have a dealer install it?

I'm planning on also getting a winch to put on the front, as I've got a fair number of small trees to clear in the back couple acres of my property. Do you know if that can come into play with plow options?

Any insights would be most appreciated.

Thanks very much & Happy Thanksgiving,
bob :)
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