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Performace parts

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I recently bought the gator rsx and I'm having trouble find stuff for it. Does anybody know where I can get hmf exhaust, lift? Stuff like that?? Or would any aftermarket atv exhaust work?
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I got a feeling its a little to new for some of that stuff. Big Gun Exhaust is working on something.

Where do you live???

I have told a lift manufacturer that they could us my bike for R&D.

The RSX will fit up to a 30" tire on stock suspension.

I can fit up to a 30" tire seriously on stock suspension??
You will not need spacers. I know that you can put 30" Interco tires on stock rims. You can put 30" silverbacks on aftermarket wheels and it will work. Let me see about getting you some pics.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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