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This was our 5th year of sponsorship for the Discount Tire Rally on the Rocks Event in scenic Moab, Utah. We have thoroughly enjoyed each and every one and look forward to the continued growth of what's arguably the best UTV event in the country.


This year we arrived a day early so we were able to get situated and go for a pre-ride together to test some of the new tire models we are now offering. We had various side by sides with Rage Thunder, Rage Storm, Tensor Regulator A/T, Arisun Aftershock XD, and Journey P 350 Tires. Watch for more detailed write ups for these products shortly but as a quick note, the 30-inch Rage Thunder tires I put on my WildCat X made a world of difference in both ground clearance and traction. I was able to go straight up the Z-turn instead of having to make a 3 or 5 point turn. The tires stuck like glue to the slickrock and propelled me to the top with ease.


Wednesday morning we met at the trail head for Sevenmile Rim to help build fencing with Tread Lightly!, the BLM and a group of volunteers. We feel it is important to give back to the community in an effort to keep people traveling on existing trails. This particular project is part of the Restoration for Recreation program, which is Tread Lightly's! signature initiative to protect and maintain recreation opportunities by repairing roads, trails and bridges, improving maps and signage and access points, and revitalizing dilapidated recreational facilities.

We also unveiled our new Trail Support Trailer for the first time. Not only we we able to use the generator to run our drills for building fencing, but we also used the Camp Chef grill to feed everyone hot dogs and hamburgers for lunch. After lunch we headed over to Wipe Out Hill for a bit of excitement. Chad even took his 6 seater rock eater down and up Wipe Out Hill with our custom trailer attached. What a blast!

We ended our day hosting an ice cream social and raffle where proceeds went to Tread Lightly to help maintain trails. The arena was filled with excitement as we raffled off many awesome prizes including several sets of tires and wheels along with some Camp Chef products.


Thursday as we were making our way to Poison Spider the rain started coming down. This added element would make for an interesting ride on a challenging trail by adding water and wet sand to the slickrock. Fortunately we had an experienced group of riders that kept the group going at a steady pace even in the pouring rain. Everyone sloshed through the wet trail and still had a smile on their face at the end of the day.


There are plenty of fun obstacles on Cliffhanger. The trail starts with some large steep downhill ledges to get you warmed up followed by an optional waterfall climb. This is all within the first 1/2 mile of the trail.

If you let your guard down for just a minute you could end up on your side quite easily. Cliffhanger gets it's name from the rock crawling section near the top of the mountain. There is a several hundred foot drop beside the trail that makes this rock crawling section of the trail more intimidating than it is because of the closeness to the edge.

We were fortunate this trip as everyone worked together and we all made it out with the only incident being one broken axle.

Later that evening was the big raffle everyone was waiting for. There were over $60,000 worth of prizes to be raffled off!

The arena was packed. Lance announced there was over 1,100 people registered this year, setting a new record. You could feel the excitement as ticket after ticket was called.

In the end we couldn't have been happier with the terrific turn out for this outstanding event. We hope you had as good of a time as we did and we look forward to next years event!

Remember to ride responsibly and buy all your tires and wheels at Discount Tire.
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