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A friend of mine is working on a 2wd Gator I got as a trade-in on another one I sold a woman and ran into some problems with the clutches on it. So, in so far as he just lost his job he's thinking about making and buying the necessary tools to rebuild these clutches and setting up shop.

As for pricing I would think that he should be able to rebuild a primary clutch for around $180-$200, including labor. If he can locate a good source for parts he might even include free return shipping to you!!! Considering what they're getting for a new one I would think that this would be a really good deal.

If your Gator trans is grinding when you try to put into gear THIS is what it needs. There's probably nothing wrong with the transmission itself.

He's already buying the tools so he can fix both my clutches.

Please send your votes to [email protected] and I'll relay your response to him.

Thanks for your interest.
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