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Hello all. With the spring weather here in Vermont as unpredictable as usual I chose a small inside project, a "Sport Steering Wheel" to start my "Ridge Runner" build up of the XUV 550. The wheel was purchased from "" It's a sturdy unit and sports a bit of the Carbon Fibre look. It comes with an aluminum Billet J. D. adaptor and a working horn button which I chose not to use, as I have a dash switch planned. The button now sports a nice Deere decal of heavy UVL protected vinyl purchased on e-bay from the vendor " Empire Skins". The wheel distance is the same as the original unit. The cost of the project was about $125 delivered. mountaingoat.


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Nice....I have been looking at those same wheels for my 825i....I'd like to get something that will stick up a little further than the stock wheel, so I have been waiting to see what my options end up being....I was also looking at the NASCAR styled wheels that have the "quick detach" system on the steering shaft so that you can take your steering wheel off if you have to leave your Gator in a bad place...can't drive off in it if you can't steer it...hahaha!!!...I thought that since you have to add the quick detach piece on the shaft, that it might extend the shaft a couple inches, which would be just what I am looking steering wheel sits a little too far away for me the way it is stock...I really wish it had a tilt and telescoping wheel!!!

Yours looks great....I'm glad you posted the pics so that I can see what they actually look like on a Gator...thanx for that!!!

Larry in MD :D

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I really like that wheel, good job buddy. it's been some time since i have posted anything on here, but i really need to show you all the mods i have done myself to my rsx. the list is too big for the time i have to post anything haha. stayed tuned i will find the time.

custom 2.5" lift
30" with bead locks
swapped out all factory lights to led.
all dash rocker switches are led now.
custom 700 watt stereo
clutch kit
led turning, running and brake lights
full front to back alum skid plate
aluminum a arm plates
aluminum roof rack with 4 front 4" led pia lights
led rear back up lights
cargo box /work lights
spare tire rack
door inserts with door handles
overhead gps system for hunting and fishing
gun rack
led interior lights
led dash mounted voltage monitor.
optima deep cycle marine battery + big 3 upgrade
also all factory crap wiring upgraded to larger gauge.
sirus radio
S*&^ charging fuse rewired with proper style fuse( havnt blown a fuse a melted one since)

that's all i can remember for now.

will soon find time to post all these mods to help us all better this great machine.
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