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Roof, windshield, wheels, front half shalft

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I need some parts for a 2012 Gator 825i. I need the roof, 2 piece windshield and the right front half-shaft. Does anyone know where to get any aftermarket wheels at a good price.
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If you know the bolt pattern (they also might be able to tell you), I have always had luck with Matthew at ATV Outfitters.

If my guys did not destroy the shaft getting it out of the gator, I would of had you the shaft you needed.

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What part of the axel did he destroy? all I need is the inner bearings and holder on the wheel side, how much if you still have it? Got wheels
Thanks, Dave
Dont have any wheels and it is the side that you need that he destroyed.
Shaft remains

What was destroyed on the shaft? if it was only the splines I might be able to use the parts.
The CV Joint and all.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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