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Hi Gator Folk,

History of the issue, the gator became harder and harder to start, more and more attempts and cranking to hit the magic moment. Not weather related. When started it has all its power. It tows a ground driven manure spreader.

I found this thread and set to checking/replacing things:

My 855D still won't start. new glow plugs, new injector pump solenoid, checked tank pickup screen. 12V at plugs. Full charge.

Both old and new solenoid retract. For me, to test a solenoid, the other must be bolted in. Whether oil pressure switch connected or not, solenoids retract when cranking. What does solenoid do when running?

Waiting upon oil pressure sensor. Either grounded or connected is the only time the glow plug light comes on. Does the oil pressure switch signal glow plugs OFF upon hitting pressure?

I'm about to look deeper. Namely fuel flow. In the above post one person says: no need to bleed air just crank and crank and air goes away. But if someone has the bleed procedure please post it.

Fuel filter has red ring at bottom. Filter looks clean.Fuel looks clean.

Describe the best way to verify lift pump works and see injector pump works.
Does injector pump run off oil pressure? With solenoid out, I see film of oil in there.


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