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I finally got the Seizmik mirrors installed after two attempts to get them from Amazon. I got them from

Summary: I like them.

1. Super easy to install. Did not have to do anything with the windshield. It has a clamshell wraparound on the bar.
2. Wide angle of adjust with angled OPS bars
3. A convex mirror that is not overly distorted so very good view to rear
4. Easy folding - breakaway feature. The friction to rotate can be adjusted
5. They work -- much better for backing up than a center rear view if in tight areas
6. Compact design so they do not stick out very far on each side
7. No noticeable vibration when riding on trails

1. Rubber spacers to protect OPS and reduce vibration have to be held while installing - minor
2. With spacers, there is a slight bowing of windshield. I think thinner spacer would be ok

1. Construction - plastic housing,

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