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As you know the mid west has record rain fall the last 2 weeks.
It almost canceled the trip; but they opened on sat the day we went.
Unbelievable what I went threw Mud Rocks,muddy fallin down trees.
I was Impressed. Did finally cause some hurt to the gator.
I should have got rock sliders., caused some nice deep bends in the frame.
Stalled out at least 5 times on me at different points after hitting 2-4'deep mud pits no joke. My friends where the only ones there that morning.
Pulled the commander 1000x out a few times.
Lockers make a big differance in the RSX.
Also at the end of what they called trail 8 . What was the bottom of a washout
Rocks thick mud ,I couldn't get my foot of the nasty sh#t out .sliding over down muddy trees, we all had to winch straight up. And when I mean up the rhino would not get gas to the carb it was so step. So the winch killed the battery.
The RSX warn stressed but pulled me out , with the cable fully extended .
And yes I know about snatch blocks. In 25 odd years I have been all over and never winched ,so much at a vertical degree.
Any how. The 4 wheel drive sounds really bad I'm sure it going to be a lot of labor and parts.. But it never failed to the point of getting me stuck
I really wish they JD would have made it shift on the fly. Sometimes stopping to put it in 4x4 was not a option going down step cliffs. And or hitting the hooks befor the next mud hole. And I think that is what cased damage, it not engaging all the way when I had to floor it to get threw the crap, it started popping in and out. A very bad noise when you have over 16k into something.
But that's what I bought it for. One of the guys told my wife that I drove it like I hatted it.
On one down hill descents the front nose hit the ground first and the back tires came of the face of the hill.
It was Awsome stuff.
I will put some pics and video up when I get it off the contour HD

The Cliffs in Marshells IL. Is Awsome. It has 2 tracks and terrain that will make anyone think twice.

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Awesome write up!!!!!!!!!!! Pics and vids will be awesome!!!!!!!!

Seems like you got more balls than me on some of the riding you do, LOL!!!!!!!!!
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