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I've been seeing a lot of people asking what tire size can I run without scrubbing/how much clearance will it give me so I decided to make a thread about it. Please include what size tire you're running, if you have aftermarket wheels include offset and brand, if it scrubs when does it do so (ex. Full lock, on hills, in deep mud...), how much clearance the tires have given you... so on and so forth.. Remember a thread is only as good as the pictures it shows.

I'll start off. No lift.

Shock Adjustment midway.


30x9 Silverbacks on 14 inch stock alloy wheels.


30x11 Silverbacks on 14 inch stock alloy wheels.

* Both the front and rear tires measure out around 29 inches with 10 pounds of air.*

Scrubs very briefly at speeds above 30 mile and hour on bumpy roads, occasionally going downhill on rough terrain while turning.

Clearance. 11 1/2" From bottom of the skid plate.

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