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Hi, All:

I've only had my 6X4 Diesel gator for a few months, but now it's getting really hot outside. The fact that the designers of this cab did not include one iota of ventilation is making me understand what a beef roast feels like when you put it in the oven. I don't want to be a beef roast. I put a couple of 12 V fans in there, but that just turned it from a regular oven into a convection oven. I have spent three weeks trying to dream up some way to get some ventilation in this thing. There simply isn't any place to put it. I saw my wife driving down the county road a couple of days ago holding the door ajar with one hand. Bingo! A light came on in my head.

I originally started with a sort of hook and eye patent, but it rattled and clattered, and was another thing to fool with every time you get in and out. Here is what I came up with:

With this thing retracted your door works as usual. With it extended, you just close the door preferably not as hard as you normally would, and it engages the extension. When you want to get out you just pull the latch the same way you always do. The only concern I have is that with it retracted I might hit it with my elbow in an emergency steering situation. I guess time will tell about that. Plenty of clearance when you're just sitting in the seat.

Needs a little prettying up, but works great. Sometimes I even amazed myself.




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