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I bought a new Gator CX in 2008, great little machine for what I do with it, but always looked at the bigger ones with a touch of envy...

Today I traded in the 2008 CX for a 2007 620i & a few bucks to boot!!

The CX box could carry 400 lbs, the 620i box 1,000 lbs.
9.5 HP vs 23 HP & now 4x4, good for hauling fire wood off the hills!
The 620i has about $2,000 of extras like top, windshield, etc. Nice to keep the cold air from making you cry as you drive. Low hrs. & looks brand new, was a single owner like myself that took care of his equipment. He traded up for a bigger as well.

I cut firewood, I have a small greenhouse & do lots of planting & hauling with the Gator as well as I had a 35 gal water tank in it, new one will carry 55 gal easy! I don't trail ride or high speed ride, but I do need a good utility vehicle for my 3.5 acres yard.

My dealer is good & I trust them, bought mowers & tractors from them in the past. Always liked their service & help.
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