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Has anyone installed any of the Tuff Led lights? If so what is your impression on the lights ie: quality of materials, performance, etc. I have been looking and have narrowed my choice to Rigid Dually's, Vision X, or the below TuffLeds.

The Rigids and Vision X are top of the line and significantly more expensive but the TuffLeds specs don't make sense, according to their website they draw more amps and put out more lumens, but have a shorter beam distance. Actually all of the lights on the Tuffled page list the same 164' beam range so their must me a typo of some sort.

LED Work Lamp Flood Light 10-30V ? 24W 5.5 inch Oval - Tuff Led Lights

Optimus Round - LED, HID, and Halogen Lighting | Off Road Lighting | Offroad LED Lighting | Mine Lighting | Mining Lighting | Marine Lighting | Agriculture Lighting | Defense Lighting | Industrial Lighting | Commercial Lighting | Automotive Lighting

Thanks for any input and advise.
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